We offer multiple services

Services we offer

Gold silver and platinum Jewelry

One things that we are best known for is buying Scrap and can buy at high Volumes

Gold Bullion and coins

We buy bullion and coins from all countries. We also can buy in high volumes

Silver bullion and coins

with our silver buying we can also buy in high volumes. this includes rounds, bars and coins from all different countries

Sterling silver flatware and platters

When it comes to silver scrap we flatware, patters, plates, bowls and of course jewelry.
we buy .999 .950 .925 .900 .850 .800


When it comes to silver dollars we do have to see them before we can give you a quote since the vary in price based on years, date, mint mark and condition. when buying 90% or junk silver we buy it based on the face value

Numismatic Coins

We also buy coins for numismatic value graded or ungraded. coins that are graded need to be PCGS or NGC