We Will Be Closed

We will be closed Friday, June 8th. We will resume normal business hours on Monday, June 11th.

The Premier Precious Metals Exchange

Call us for your bullion and refining needs (703)765-2408. Centrally located in Alexandria, Virginia, Alexandria Gold and Silver is Northern Virginia/DC Area's premier precious metals exchange.

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Older US Coinage, Ancient Coins, Numismatics Of All Types

Our extensive network dealing in Numismatics allows us to pay top dollar on your collectibles and investments--We can grade your coins in-house or send them off to be certified by NGC.

We Buy Jewelry

We pay extremely competitive rates on your gold jewelry and scrap gold, and with a transparent pricing structure and hassle free quotes, we make it easy for you to get the most out of your treasures.

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Bullion and Coins

We specialize in bullion and coins, paying premiums over gold and silver spot where appropriate. We are your one stop shop for anything gold and silver related. Call today for a quote.

New Updated Pricing on Sterling Silver

Due to the overwhelming success of our silver refining, we are now offering top price on all sterling silver flatware and tableware and private mint sterling. This rate puts us heads above our competitors. Take advantage of this industry leading purchase rate and give us a call at (703) 765-2408.


Call Today for a Quote (703) 765-2408

Who We Are.

We are dedicated to offering the most competitive prices on your jewelry, coins, and bullion. We specialize in the buying and selling of precious metals in all forms, including bullion, coins, scrap gold jewelry, industrial silver scrap, photo silver, Mint Bars, US Silver, Canadian and foreign silver. We understand that your possessions have financial and emotional meaning to you, and we offer set prices with no pushy tactics. Feel free to come in for an appraisal just to compare with other places. Please give us a call to get a quote or drop by anytime M-F 9am-5pm and the first Saturday of each month from 9am-1pm.

What We Do.

Gold and Silver Jewelry

Our gold and silver jewelry department is the most competitive in Northern Virginia. We buy in volume from both jewelers and the public. Before you sell your jewelry in an auction or yard sale or to a fly-by night buyer, give us a call and get a quote or stop by and compare us with your other options. No fees on appraisals and no pressure to sell. 90% of our clientele are return customers.

  • Jewelry
  • Sterling Silver Flatware
  • Industrial Scrap
  • Jewelers Melt Bars
Gold Bullion and Coins

By working directly with national distributors and an international refinery we can offer the most competitive rates on buying and selling gold bullion

  • Gold Bars
  • Gold Coins
Silver and Coins

Along with our buying power on scrap silver and sterling, we also buy bullion silver as well. We specialize in foreign and domestic silver coinage and will pay premiums over content where appropriate. Let us know what you have and we can figure out the silver content and market value in a matter of minutes.

  • US Silver Dollars and Dimes, Quarters and Halves before 1964
  • US Half Dollars 1965-1969
  • Silver Eagle 1oz Coins
  • All foreign coinage that contains at least 50% silver

We want a client for life---not a one time customer, therefore we offer the most competitive rates on buying your treasures and investments. Call us today (703) 765-2408

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