Our goal at Alexandria Gold and Silver is to serve our clients at a level of service unmatched in the industry. Please contact us with any questions or comments.

Location Map

**September 6th – September 14th w will be closed**

We are centrally located on Route 1 in Alexandria just a few miles from the beltway and downtown Alexandria. We will gladly guide you to our office, please do not hesitate to call for directions.

To Our Clients:

We are dedicated to offering the most competitive prices on your jewelry, coins, and bullion. We specialize in the buying and selling of precious metals in all forms, including bullion, coins, scrap gold jewelry, industrial silver scrap, photo silver, Mint Bars, 90% US Silver, Canadian and foreign silver. We understand that your possessions have financial and emotional meaning to you, and we offer set prices with no pushy tactics. Feel free to come in just for an appraisal to compare with other places. Please give us a call to get a quote or set up a private appointment.

We are in a secure building with property surveillance, and we also have independent surveillance and security in our office. We are a safe, discrete way to sell your gold. We are also available to accompany you from your car to our office if you need assistance getting things inside. When you get here we will weigh your items in their respective Karat groups and test for consistency where appropriate. Everything is done right in front of you; many people find the whole process interesting. Feel free to ask questions!

Alexandria's Premier Precious Metals Exchange

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