The best place to sell gold in the D.C. area, and here is why.

Alexandria Gold and Silver has been the place to sell gold in the D.C. metro area for many years, servicing both the jewelry and estate businesses as well as individuals that have personal gold they wish to sell. We have made a name for ourselves by paying a consistent, industry leading 90% payout on gold jewelry. Being an industry leader is obviously a big deal (our clients receive the best prices!), but being consistent in that great pricing is what gives our clients peace of mind; you know what you are getting before you walk through the door and you know what you are getting every single time.

Consistency is extremely important for many businesses, but even moreso when you are selling high value gold and silver.

I got the idea to write about our consistent pricing here at Alexandria Gold and Silver when I ordered from a relatively new sandwich shop the other day. I had ordered from them once before, and the sandwich was phenomenal. The lettuce was crisp, the onions fresh, and the overall sandwich just worked. It worked so well that I just had to order it again (even though I am watching what I eat). It was worth going off my diet—this sandwich was that good. So I ordered again and I excitedly awaited the sandwich to arrive….and it did…I opened the container ready to take in all it’s glory…..and this sandwich was completely different! Limp lettuce, watery tomato instead of onion, and less of everything. What happened?!?!

It wasn’t a bad sandwich and it didn’t taste horrible, but I was more upset that I didn’t get the same GREAT sandwich that I had the first time, the one I wanted.

I liken this sandwich experience to many of my competitors and their buying philosophies. One day they will be paying 80%; another day 60%. One day you get a good sandwich and another day you get one that’s not so hot.

I’m not making sandwiches over here but I am offering an industry leading, never failing 90% payout on gold jewelry. I want you to get the same GREAT experience every single time you drop by and I want you to expect that. It’s important to me.

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