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Being the most competitive on pricing in the gold and silver business can sometimes seem like the slowest road to success. We don’t just buy from the individuals, we also purchase from other businesses, so we often hear about the “home runs” they have made throughout the week, where they make an obscene amount of money on one unsuspecting customer. Our business model has never included “home runs”, mainly because I believed that by always offering the same high, set price we would bring in more and more people. In the long run we would have a more sustainable client base. Turns out I was right—and now you can reap the benefits even more.

Our silver purchase volume has reached such a level that we can now raise our 80% purchase rate on sterling silver and melt silver to 88%. 

This is huge– not only in percentages– but from an industry standpoint. Having the client base that we have allows us to buy and sell at such a level that we can offer more than the other guys–those “home run” guys that make their living on pushy tactics and hidden prices. I would be lying if I said that being able to offer this price doesn’t make me extremely proud. We started with a business model that was not the standard and it has succeeded. To further push this model we are passing the increased margins on to you. We are not naive to the fact that the reason we are successful is because of you, all the word-of-mouth advertising and the great reviews. It was years ago now, but I remember how it felt at our opening few months with nobody walking through the door–coming into work, turning on the lights and sitting for hours. Now I can’t find the time to clean my office!

Thank you all and I hope everyone takes advantage of our NEW 88% sterling silver/melt silver buy rate and our industry leading 90% payout on gold jewelry and scrap gold.

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