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Selling gold and silver in Northern Virginia ( NOVA) is easier than in most other places in the country. We have a microcosm here that makes NOVA gold and coin buyers some of the most competitive in the country. Outside of maybe New York, NOVA offers the best situation for gold and coin sellers.

That being said, there are things to always keep in mind when selling your gold jewelry and coins:

Ask for percentages.

Precious metals buyers buy and then sell on percentages. We at Alexandria Gold and Silver buy gold jewelry at 90% of the gold spot price, an industry leading rate (see at the end of this post a place to look up the current spot gold price). Coins and bullion are priced closer or above spot price, depending on the type and condition. Feel free to call us for a quote: (703) 765-2408 or check our gold jewelry calculator here:

Call around.

We field calls all day, and all of them are valuable customers asking questions. If you call an establishment and they will not give you an answer, I would continue searching. Many dealers use the “we have to see it” tactic to get you in the store, because just like when you are watching a horrible movie, once you are involved you are more likely to follow through even if it’s not optimal or enjoyable.

Be educated.

This is definitely another case when knowledge is power. Know what you have, take some time going through your items and be educated on the market. When dealing with simply “scrap” gold, knowing the weight is important because that is how it is exchanged, when dealing with coins, knowing roughly the condition is a big deal.

Use available resources.

There are plenty of places to check the price of gold, here are two:

Also, check out reviews or what your friends are saying. Gold and Silver buyers pop up and go out of business all the time, sometimes both in one week! Make sure that the company you are using is legitimate and established. The State of Virginia and, locally for us, Fairfax County monitors and regulates precious metals buyers to make sure that all laws are followed. Make sure your company is bonded with the county and licensed.

We hope this information is helpful to you and please don’t hesitate to call us– Alexandria Gold and Silver–with any questions you might have. You can also email us at

Thanks to all our loyal clients and future clients!


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