The Best Gold Buyers In Virginia Will Do These Things For Their Clients


I get calls all the time from people shopping their valuables around. I will often tell them “Good Job!” for doing the legwork and trying to price shop. So many people are selling their gold for 30-50% less than they should be, which can easily add up to $1,000’s. We do things a bit differently here at Alexandria Gold and Silver and  I enjoy explaining what we do for our clients that most precious metals buyers do not. Here are the things we offer, and things you should be asking about when you price compare:


We have a standardized pricing method that never changes, regardless of quantity.

Our payout is always extremely competitive on gold jewelry at the time of sale, for one ring worth 20 bucks or an estate liquidation worth $50,000.

We give free estimates.

Just want to see what your items are worth? Want to cross-check another buyer’s weight? We are the most non-pushy buyer you will find, and stopping in just for an estimate is fine.

We give prices and offers over the phone.

Our pricing is transparent and we have no problem quoting prices over the phone. Make sure you have a weight and karat of your items you want to sell.

We give you the gold price at the time of our quote.

Gold changes, and we have tight margins, so we always quote the gold price so you know what our reference point is. If gold goes up later, you can check and see that we are paying you more, and if gold goes down you know that we aren’t quoting you one price and changing it later for no reason.

We are friendly and courteous.

If it’s a wealthy client selling their older jewelry to upgrade or one trying to make ends meet, we treat everyone with respect and dignity, and every transaction is discrete and private.

We have gourmet chocolates in the office.

Yep, chocolates.

If our great attitude, premier pricing method, and spectacular industry knowledge doesn’t do the trick, we have many people that stop by just for the chocolates. Some do so with unabashed regularity…..:)


Feel free to call us at (703) 765-2408 or email us at or me directly at We can answer any questions you might have and we look forward to seeing you.



Saif Malki

Alexandria Gold and Silver

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