Alexandria Gold and Silver. We have silver bullion in inventory!


As our current clientele know, we are THE place to go when looking to liquidate bullion and karat gold(jewelry). While we are very happy with that status, we are also trying to accommodate for the growing number of customers that want to purchase bullion through us. We are working on our website and enabling product to be sold there, but while that is being built we are bolstering our physical inventory of silver.

Starting the beginning of August we will have silver inventory of these items:

10 oz silver bars

5 oz silver bars

1 ounce silver bars

1 oz .45 cal silver bullets

While transitioning from a primarily wholesale business to incorporating retail will have some hiccups, we plan on having a consistent inventory of the above items. Before ( as our current clients know) it was hit or miss depending on what we had being shipped out on any given day.

And, by the way, those .45 caliber silver bullets are completely awesome—-I have sold over 200 in the first week of having them in. They are the exact size and shape of a real .45 caliber bullet and are marked 1 troy ounce .999 fine silver—such a novel idea and we are proud to carry them.

Here are some things that have come through inventory over the past week:

5000 silver eagles

200 1 ounce rounds/bars from the 1960’s and 70’s—some really neat collector’s pieces

2 ounce Australian Lunar coins

JM 10 ounce bars

Engelhard Prospectors/1 ounce bars

Gold Eagles/Maples/50 Pesos/Philharmonics

100 oz Engelhard bars


Feel free to call or stop by, we are always here to answer your questions. You can also email me directly at


Thanks and see you soon!

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