Selling Gold Jewelry in Northern Virginia? Some Tips For You!


Figuring out what your gold is worth and then finding an honest buyer is something that is hard to do when selling your jewelry. Its worth taking your time and arming yourself with some knowledge before hauling it off to the nearest gold shop—it could literally make you thousands of dollars.

Many gold and silver buyers don’t like to offer their clients a set percentage that they offer. This is because gold is so high right now, they can start with a low offer that still sounds great and snag some less-informed people. I have people tell me every day how they call around for price quotes from various establishments and are told “they have to see the item” before they can price it out. Truth of the matter is, we precious metals dealers know EXACTLY what we are getting for our gold melt lots when we send it to the refinery, and every one of us should be able to answer customer’s questions with upfront and clear answers, including what percentage we are willing to pay.

It helps if you, as a customer, know a few key things about your jewelry:

First is the karat. Refer to our selling gold jewelry page: and see about how to figure out the karat of your jewelry. The next big one is the weight. Getting a pennyweight or gram weight is the best, but even figuring it out on a kitchen scale will give you a leg up—reputable dealers in the industry will be able to convert the weight for you over the phone and give you a price quote.  Next find the gold spot price which is available at With these three things you should be able to figure out what your jewelry is worth and be armed with some good info when calling around.

Now, when calling around trying to sell your gold jewelry armed with all this useful knowledge, make sure you include us, Alexandria Gold and Silver, in your call list. We pay extremely competitive prices across the board on all gold jewelry and offer updated, transparent pricing over the phone or in person at our office. See why hundreds of other Virginians/Marylanders/Washingtonians have utilized our services!

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