Have Sterling Silver Flatware And You Live in Fairfax, VA?


Sterling is the most common type of silver that silver place settings and tableware is made of. Sterling is 92.5% pure silver so it’s high silver content transfers to high payout when you are looking to sell—- Many 8 person settings that we buy are in the $2,000 to $4,000 range.  We bought a serving platter the other week that alone was $3,000.

At Alexandria Gold and Silver we buy sterling silver at the highest possible prices from people living in Fairfax, Washington DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and other parts of Virginia. Many people find our services to be the best avenue for liquidating their sterling silver, with silver prices at high levels we are buying sterling everyday. With the increase in the silver price, many silver set’s highest value is in the silver it holds, but we always recommend that our clients research their pattern to see if it has antique/rarity value over the silver content value.

Feel free to stop by our Alexandria, Virginia location and we can give you an exact buy price on the spot–No pushy tactics–many people come in just for appraisals. We actually prefer our customers to shop around so they appreciate our pricing structures.


  1. Leslie Tolf
    Leslie TolfAugust 22, 2015

    I have two mahogany boxes of silverware from grandma and great grandma (I’m 60). Is this something you would buy?

  2. Patricia Caucigh
    Patricia CaucighAugust 22, 2016

    Dear Alex. Gold & Silver;
    I am in possession of about 150 pieces of sterling flatware (not full sets, but several matched pieces) by Gotham, Galt, Towle & Son, Wm. Rogers, Hugo Moser, Holmes & Edwards, and several others (some unknown), as well as about 75 pieces of sterling hollowware by Black, Starr & Frost, Tiffany & Co. , Gotham, J Parks, Reed & Barton, Wm. Kerr, Schweitzer, and Fisher, as well as some others, or unknowns. Most is hallmarked, with an approximate date. I have a spreadsheet with further details of all pieces, if you are interested, and if that makes this initial contact easier, I am happy to share that with you.

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